Brass and Copper Tiles Introduction

Un-Lacquered Tiles
These tiles are manufactured using genuine brass and copper and will tarnish and discolour and will require regular cleaning with a relevant polish.

Lacquered Tiles
Lacquered tiles will not tarnish or discolour therefore requiring no more than a light dusting to keep them looking there best. Surface marks may be removed with warm soapy water never use vinegar or any acidic products, solvents, steel wool or other abrasive compounds or materials.

Although the most advanced Electrophoretic lacquering process is used the lacquer will eventually break down has it dose on door handles and light switcher (but remember tiles are not handled as much).

As the base materials are genuine brass and copper the whole of the lacquer may be removed and polished as Un-lacquered tiles or re-lacquered using one of the D.I.Y. spray lacquers.

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