Fitting Instructions

Metal tiles are manufactured to a unique design that allows installation using the tried and tested methods to that of a standard ceramic tile and being of the same thickness, therefore allowing both tiles to be used together.


  1. Do not remove the vinyl covering from the tiles until installation is complete (see notes).
  2. Make sure all the tiles are the same batch numbers.
  3. Ensure that the fixing surface is clean and even.
  4. Apply standard tile adhesive with a notched trowel as per manufacturer's instructions.
  5. Set the tiles. (Metal tiles are self-spacing at 2.4mm).
  6. Grout the joints with a specific filler and clean any excess. (A rubber grouting tool is recommended)
  7. After the grout has set, seal with an appropriate grout sealant.
  8. When dry, clean and remove vinyl covering from the tiles.


Metal tiles can be cut with any cutting tool designed to cut metal from HSS hack saw (32 TPI Minimum) or a tungsten carbide fine grit hack/jig saw blade to diamond impregnated circular wet saw all of which are available from good DIY stores. After cutting remove burr with a file. (Metal tiles may have sharp edges please take care)


  1. Ensure a qualified electrician carries out all electrical work (Removal and replacement of light switcher and power points etc). All back boxes must be re-installed flush with top of tiles but not in contact with the metal face of the tiles.
  2. Where appropriate the vinyl covering will be clear or have lines to indicate the direction of the grain.
  3. Vinyl covering will only assist in protecting the surface of the tile during installation so do take care.
  4. Never hit or tap thetile into place as this may damage the tile.
  5. Due to the nature of metal materials it is inevitable that there will be some variation in colour and texture.
  6. Maximum continuous operating temperature 120°C.

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